Update Your Disclosure Packet

Please double check your disclosure packet to ensure that it is current. From time to time your volunteer HOA Board of Directors update the Architectural Rules and update or issue new Policy Resolutions.

The Architectural Rules were updated in January 2019 to update changes in federal, state, and county regulations and to provide for updated materials and other change updates.

We also have three (3) policy resolutions that you may want to update:

SFHOA Policy Resolution 07-1 – Commercial Truck & Trailer Policy updated APRIL 2020

SFHOA Policy Resolution 12-1- Policy, required under Virginia Law, for the Receipt and Resolution of Complaints against the Homeowners’ Association or Volunteer Board of Directors Member updated JANUARY 2019

SFHOA Policy Resolution 18-1 – Policy to clarify Common Area Tree Management policies and property owner responsibilities published AUGUST 2018

The updated documents are available for downlead in PDF format.