HOA Board

The Declaration of Covenants establishes the Stanley Forest HOA Board of Directors and Officers in Article VI, Section 1, Paragraph C and delegates their roles and assignments in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.

Article VI, Section 1, Paragraph C – Attached to our Property Deeds

The Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws are submitted to the Commonwealth State Corporation Commission (SCC) with the creation and registration of our Common Interest Community Homeowner’s Association. The registration is renewed annually with the submission of a registration fee. Click here to view our current Certificate of Incorporation as a not-for-profit , non-stock, Commonwealth of Virginia corporation.

The Commonwealth of Virginia specifies two types of Association management types – Professionally-managed, and Non-professionally-managed (volunteer). Large homeowner associations with significant community shared resources such as golf courses, club houses, pools, etc. may hire professionally licensed management companies to provide the day-to-day administration and management of their association and community amenities. Smaller associations may choose to forego the assessment expense of hiring a professionally licensed management team and depend on a volunteer staff of community property owners to manage the community as their time permits. In Apr 1987, the Stanley Forest Homeowners’ Association was established as a Non-professionally-managed association.

Because your association management is dependent on volunteer property owners who shared their time and energy, the Board encourages each of you to get involved with your community, your neighbors, your association. If you or your family has time to share, the board encourages you to volunteer. Board of Director and Officer elections are held at each annual meeting in late January or early February. Self-help projects and activities within the community constantly seek volunteers to assist. Please contact any board member if you want to participate. The community needs and appreciates your assistance!

The SFHOA Board of Directors contact list can be found here -> SFHOA Board of Directors Member Info…

The Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes can be found here -> Meeting Minutes