Selling Your Home in Cardinal Station

The Cardinal Station community is empowered by the Stanley Forest Homeowners’ Association (SFHOA) to legally enforce property standards as described in the Association governing documents to maintain community property values and ensure that failures to maintain community standards are corrected expeditiously. As a Common Interest Community, the Commonwealth of Virginia established the Property Owners Association Act (POAA), Code of Virginia Chapter 18 of Title 55.1, which requires an owner selling a property in our community provide the purchaser with an association disclosure packet(§ 55.1-1809). Subsequently, the purchaser may cancel the contract within three days after receiving the association disclosure packet (§ 55.1-1808) if they so chose.

Virginia Code provides for Associations to charge a fee for disclosure packet preparation, process, and production (§ 55.1-1811) not to exceed $100. The Stanley Forest Homeowners’ Association disclosure packet only costs $75. Virginia Code provides 14 days from request for the disclosure packet to be provided for the purchaser.

So as to provide ample time for your volunteer board members to coordinate, schedule, and produce the required inspections, certifications, and documents required for the formal disclosure packet for the new owner; please notify the Association Board as soon as possible after the property sales decision is made. You may contact any Board of Directors in-person, via phone, via email, or by submitting a REQUEST FOR DISCLOSURE PACKET FORM (Coming Soon!!!). The SFHOA Board of Directors contact list can be found here -> SFHOA Board of Directors Member Info…

Stanley Forest Homeowner’s Association disclosure packets cost $75 and will require at least two weeks to produce. Click this link to fill out and submit a REQUEST FOR DISCLOSURE PACKET FORM. (Coming SOON!!!)