Maintenance Committee

The Maintenance Committee is established as a standing Committee in Article IX of the By-Laws. The Maintenance Committee provides oversight and coordinates general maintenance of the Stanley Forest Common Areas and coordinates with sub-contractors and the Prince William County government for matters pertaining to the community common areas.

Our community includes about 19 acres of wooded or grass covered common areas encompassing 11 common area lots/addresses. The primary budget expense for your HOA is for lawncare and mowing operations of the grassy areas within the 19 acre community common area. Beyond the mowing operations by our lawncare subcontractor, much of our common area maintenance is performed by community self-help. From litter clean-up; clearing fallen trees from our walking trails; maintenance and repair of community signs and property; to organized self-help projects: we depend on property owners’ help and support to build and maintain a strong and vibrant community within Cardinal Station.

Common AreaAddress
Common area 1A4663 Bonneville Court
Common Area 1B4672 Bonneville Court
Common area 1C14812 Statler Drive
Common area 2D4692 Abbott Court
Common area 2E14805 Statler Drive
Common area 3F14745 Statler Drive
Common area 3G14742 Statler Drive
Common area 3H14760 Statler Drive
Common area 3I14744 Statler Drive
Common area 4J4477 Edsall Drive
Common area 5A14809 Edison Court