Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is headed by the Association Treasurer and consists of the remaining Board members. Section 1 of Article IX of the By_Laws defines the duties of the Budget Committee as follows:

The Budget Committee reviews the financial well-being of the association and based on current and future requirements, makes recommendations for the annual assessment of the 200 association property owners which is discussed and approved at each annual member meeting. The current assessment for Stanley Forest Homeowners’ Association is $180 per year, which is one of the lowest HOA assessments in the local area. The primary expense for our common interest community is the common-area grounds maintenance which averages about 65% of the total annual budget. Additional budget items include community events, and reserve fund savings for fence, sign, and resource replacement plus common area erosion prevention and walking trail maintenance. As a result of numerous common area trees requiring removal in 2021, the Board of Directors found it necessary to increase the annual assessment from $175 to $180 to facilitate reserves for future tree removals.

Association Budgets

Previous Association Budgets may be viewed/downloaded here:

2021 Approved Association Budget

2020 Approved Association Budget

2019 Approved Association Budget

2018 Approved Association Budget

Monthly Treasurer Reports

The Association Treasurer manages the budget expenditures and provides the Board with monthly Treasurer reports. You may view/download monthly Treasurer reports here:


MAR 2021

FEB 2021

JAN 2021 Treasurer Report


2020 Treasurer Report Summary with Jan-Dec 2020


2019 Treasurer Report Summary with Jan -Dec 2019


2018 Treasurer Report Summary with Jan-Nov 2018