Disclosure Packet

HOA Disclosures

Virginia Code § 55.1-1809 requires that when selling a home in Cardinal Station, requiring the potential new property owner to join our homeowners’ association (SFHOA), the current property owner must provide a potential purchaser with certain legally required information regarding the home, common areas, the assessments and the association. The Property Owners’ Association Act of Virginia calls the legally required information a disclosure packet. The packet must be requested by the current property owner sellerprepared by the Homeowner’s Association, and delivered to the potential purchaser for the closing. Compiling the required documents involves time, effort, and resources of the Association, so the Commonwealth law allows the preparer HOA Board to assess reasonable fees, but sets a maximum amount for such fees.

Your disclosure packet

While many of the association documents provided in the disclosure packet are available for your download from this website, they are available here so that you may keep your disclosure packet current, this site does not provide all required inspection and certification documents required by law to be provided to the new purchaser.

The main governing documents include the Declaration of Covenants, Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws, Architectural Committee Rules, and Policy Resolutions. The next major section provides an overview of these documents -> Governing Documents…

If you are planning to sell your Cardinal Station property, please take a quick look at the following section -> Selling Your Home in Cardinal Station

If you have any questions, concerns, or desire to attend any Board meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact any of your Association Board members. The SFHOA Board of Directors contact list can be found here -> SFHOA Board of Directors Member Info…